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Pdf effects of four host plants on biology and food utilization of. Noctuidae was evaluated at c, % relative humidity and a photoperiod of 16 h light8 h dark. Your use of this pdf, the bioone complete website, and all posted and associated content indicates your. Spodoptera litura is an obiquitous, polyphagous, multivoltine, lepidopteron pest that feeds on 112 cultivated crops all over the world moussca et al. The spodoptera litura genome elucidates its polyphagy. Spodoptera litura fabricius is a major vegetable pest that is widely distributed throughout tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. The potential of various isolates of spodoptera litura. Effect of calotropis procera leaf extract on spodoptera. The efficacies of several entomopathogenic nematodes ofsteinernema andheterorhabditis spp. Spodoptera litura prodlioverview eppo global database. Linking life table and predation rate for biological. Yoshiaki noma, yoshinori asakawa, in comprehensive natural products ii, 2010. Media in category spodoptera litura the following 31 files are in this category, out of 31 total. Oriental leafworm, spodoptera litura, is one of the most damaging insect pests of agricultural crops and is a generalist defoliator, feeding on over 120 plant species, including many cash, food, and ornamental crops.

Damage is due to complete or partial defoliation by larvae, which can be extensive. Responses of the cutworm spodoptera litura lepidoptera. Spodoptera litura is also known as the oriental leafworm moth, cluster caterpillar, cotton leafworm, tobacco cutworm, tropical armyworm, taro caterpillar, tobacco budworm, rice cutworm, and cotton cutworm. As seen in sesquiterpenoids, these organisms introduce oxygen atom at their allylic. Spodoptera litura can be identified by the shape of the structures on the inner surface of the valve. Effects of three spodoptera litura control strategies on arthropod diversity and abundance in tobacco agroecosystems in south china zhongshi zhou, 1, 2, zepeng chen 3 and zaifu xu 1, 1department of entomology, college of nature resources and environment, south china agricultural university, guangzhou, 510642, china. Hosts also include crops within the brassicaceae, cucurbitaceae, solanaceae, rutaceae and other families. The highest and lowest net fecundity rates were obtained on williams eggsfemale and l17 eggsfemale, respectively. Spodoptera litura is also a pest of sugarbeet, with infestations presenting in march and peaking in late march and april chatterjee and nayak, 1987. Simulation and visualization of potential population growth in india under warmer temperatures through life cycle modeling table 1. Sublethal doses of it, when applied to fifthinstars or pupae, caused significant reduction in reproduction and effects on viability. Spodoptera exigua an overview sciencedirect topics. A study on the characteristics ofthe spodoptera litura nucleopolyhredovirus spltnpv was carned out.

Biochemistry and molecular biology international, 39, 111. Lethal doses of chlorfluazuron, when applied topically to 5th instars or pupae of s. It also functions as a screening aid to help recognize two exotic species, s. Biological and genetic characterization of a pakistani isolate of. Biology and nutrition of spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera. Effects of four host plants on biology and food utilization of the. Pathogenicity and characteristics of spodoptera litura.

Noctuidae, is an economically important insect pest known to attack various agricultural crops and is widely distributed in the tropical and temperate zones of asia, australasia, and pacific islands. Kevin kavanagh, in reference module in life sciences, 2017 3 spodoptera exigua s. The following key is designed to help separate middle to late instar s. Chs has been characterized in various insect species, but the structure and biochemical properties in spodoptera litura have not been determined. Noctuidae 3 host plants the beet armyworm has a wide host range, occurring as a serious pest of vegetable, field, and flower crops. Biological control of tobacco cutworm, spodoptera litura. Noctuidae and some native spodoptera moths introduction the purpose of this handout is to help you distinguish two exotic spodoptera moths of concern to u. It caused 96% larval mortality within a period of10 days at a dosage of6 x 1js pibslarva and. Noctuidae, though, commonly known as tobacco cutworm, is not restricted to tobacco alone, but, feeds on more than 120 host plants belonging to 44 familiesqin et al. Favoured hosts include maize, rice and sorghum poaceae. Spodoptera litura prodliphotos eppo global database.

A new continuous cell line from larval hemocytes of. Biology studies of tobacco caterpillar, spodoptera litura fabricius. Effects of three spodoptera litura control strategies on. Predatory insects 36 belonging to 14 families and 12 species of. Effect of azadirachta indica extracts on oriental leafworm. Spodoptera litura is an emerging insect pest in a wide range of crops worldwide. Noctuidae is polyphytophagous, damaging numerous vegetables and field crops in china and. The agestage specific survival rate s xj, where x is the age and j is the stage. It is a highly polyphagous organism that is a pest of many cultivated plants and crops. Effects of four host plants, tobacco, chinese cabbage, cowpea and sweet potato, on larval and pupal development and survival, and longevity and fecundity of adults of spodoptera litura f lepidoptera. This moth is found in asia, with some specific problematic pest population reports occurring in cambodia, hong kong, india, the pacific islands, guam, american. Effects of entomopathogenic fungi on the biology of. Evaluation of five insecticide molecules along with two microbial formulations were carried out against groundnut defoliator, spodoptera litura fab.

Two windows, one triangular 1a and one rectangular 1b. Spodoptera littoralis, also referred to as the african cotton leafworm or egyptian cotton leafworm or mediterranean brocade, is a species of moth in the family noctuidae. Effects of four host plants on biology and food utilization of the cutworm, spodoptera litura. Chitin is one the main components of the insect cuticle, and chitin synthase chs is an important enzyme required for chitin formation. Biotransformation of acyclic, monocyclic, and bicyclic monoterpenoids by various bacteria, fungi, insect larvae, such as spodoptera litura, and mammals, such as rabbits and possums, and human and rat cytochrome enzyme is summarized. To assess the potential use of this parasitoid as a biological control agent, the reproductive schedule, fecundity and functional response of m. Spodoptera litura an overview sciencedirect topics.

The spodoptera moths are found primarily active during night and due to its high mobility, female ovipositing on a wide range of host plants, which promotes or even ensures survival of s. He feeds with more than one hundred different plant species, including rice, corn, cotton, many vegetables, sweet potatoes. Cellular calcium elevation is an important signal used by plants for recognition and signaling of environmental stress. In this study, we identified two chs genes, slchs1 and slchs2, which encode proteins with 1565 and 1520 amino. Biology, morphometrics and geometrical progression of spodoptera litura was studied by rearing s. The biology of canthoconidia furcellata was studied in the laboratory with a view to using. For publication in journals, books or magazines, permission should be obtained from the original photographers with a. The european commission requested efsa to conduct a pest categorisation of spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera. The insect is difficult to control because of resistance. Promod kumar shakya, masarrat haseeb and uzma manzoor department of plant protection, faculty of agricultural sciences, aligarh muslim university, aligarh, uttar pradesh, india email. General information about spodoptera litura prodli. While oriental leafworm larvae are primarily leaf feeders, they also act as cutworms. Noctuidae, known to attack over 120 plant species among vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals worldwide, is a serious pest of field crops in india. All photos included on this page can only be used for educational purposes.

The raw data of the developmental time, survivorship, and female daily fecundity of e. The result shows that the virus was pathogenic and specific to its host, s. The fall armyworm, spodoptera frugiperda, is a lepidopteran pest that feeds in large numbers on the leaves, stems and reproductive parts of more than 350 plant species, causing major damage to economically important cultivated grasses such as maize, rice, sorghum, sugarcane and wheat but also other vegetable crops and cotton. The common cutworm, spodoptera litura, has become a major pest of soybean glycine. Developmental and reproductive biology of spodoptera. The roughly 30 species are distributed across six continents. Spodoptera litura is an emerging insect pest in a wide range of crops. Development of microplitis bicoloratus on spodoptera litura and implications for biological control kaijun luo1,2, john t. Its biology, impact and control on maize production in nigeria article pdf available. Spodoptera littoralis was collected from ohio greenhouses.

Susceptibility of armyworm spodoptera litura lepidoptera. Request pdf developmental and reproductive biology of spodoptera litura f. It is widespread throughout indian states and known for its economic impact in cotton, tobacco, and soybean production, and in groundnut, it is known to cause yield losses of 3555%. Efflux transporters as a novel herbivore countermechanism to plant chemical defenses. Effects of entomopathogenic fungi on the biology of spodoptera. It is a serious polyphagous pest in asia and oceania, from the borders of north africa to japan and new zealand armes et. Published information was used to compile a summary of natural enemies parasitoids, predators and diseases reported attacking spodoptera litura f under field conditions. Temperature impacts the development and survival of common cutworm spodoptera litura. Noctuidae on artificial medium spodoptera litura f. Development of microplitis bicoloratus spodoptera litura. Noctuidae 2 duration of the egg stage is only two to three days during the summer months. Biological and genetic characterization of a pakistani.

The spodoptera litura is a butterfly that is a threat to many crops. A group of asian researchers first proposed a genome project for the tobacco cutworm, spodoptera litura lepidoptera, noctuidae, in 20, drawn to this species as a. Species 71 of insect parasitoids in seven families of hymenoptera and two families of diptera were listed as parasitoids of different stages of s. Effects of entomopathogenic fungi on the biology of spodoptera litura. Insects free fulltext identification and functional.

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