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It originally aired on the fox network in the united states on january 14, 1993. The guide contains staffvoice credits, funny simpsons quotes, references and other notes. At first, marge s suggestion of repairing the severely damaged main street looks to be the one honored, but thats when outoftowner lyle lanley steps in and uses a catchy songanddance number to hornswoggle the town into shelling out for an expensive monorail system instead. Tonight, matt and robbie discuss episode 9f10, marge vs. As the solar eclipse is shown a few bars of the main theme from star. The simpsons tvshow just a product of society thats lost its good manners. The monorail 1993 season 4 episode 9f10 the simpsons cartoon episode guide. Jul 16, 2015 first airing in january 1993, marge vs. Its almost 27 years since the simpsons produced one of the greatest 20 minute episodes in television history, courtesy of marge vs the.

After receiving a considerable donation of money, the people of springfield decide what to spend it on. Were going to take a break and when we return well be reformatting everythings coming up simpsons, and giving birth to our new project round springfield. The monorail, all it takes is a song and dance to sell all of springfield on the idea of something completely impractical. Homer, marge, bart, lisa and maggie are instantly identifiable around the world. Bart, classics, homer, lisa, maggie, marge, marge vs. The monorail, join us for one last episode of everythings coming up simpsons. The simpsons exploded into a cultural phenomenon in 1990, and has remained one of the most groundbreaking and innovative global entertainment franchises. The simpsons marge vs singles, seniors, childless couples and teens and gays clip1.

Just three of the reasons you should choochoochoose season 4 of the simpsons for your viewing pleasure. The simpsons is an american animated sitcom created by matt groening for the fox broadcasting company. Overwhelmed by her familys demands during a flu epidemic, marge accidentally shoplifts at the kwikemart and winds up in prison. Jul 19, 2015 tonight, matt and robbie discuss episode 9f10, marge vs. Burns for illegal dumping of nuclear waste, the town decides to spend it on a monorail headed up by a. Burns is forced to donate three million dollars to springfield and it was decided, thanks to a slickspeaking salesman, that the money will go toward a monorail system, despite protests from marge. The monorail visit or subscribe to my youtube channel for other high quality classic simpsons clips. Yes, the town is swept up in monorail fever in one of the most beloved simpsons. Marge warns that the monorail is a mistake, and is proven correct when it speeds out of control, with a vip passenger aboard. Jun 24, 2011 the tv the simpsons, season 4, episode 12. When the city comes into a great deal of money, theyre swindled out of it by a con man selling monorails to newly wealthy cities.

The monorail was the midway point of the shows fourth season, the last one that would include the shows original production staff. Abe tries to voice his objections, but the crowd loves the idea and gives him credit for the idea. The popcorn truck joke, barney being put in charge of monorail construction, the whole ending sequence including the escalator to nowhere. Those happened on 22693, and marge vs the monorail aired 11293. One thing i loved watching this episode before to get ready for your podcast was the buster keaton face lyle lanly makes as he surprises marge who.

Burns for illegal dumping of nuclear waste, the town decides to. Of all the episodes he wrote, he considers marge vs. January 14, 1993 leonard nimoy is among the first to ride springfields new monorail, opposed by marge. Visitors of subtitlesbank have given a rating of 9. Giphy is how you search, share, discover, and create gifs. The town holds a meeting to decide what to do with the windfall and marge suggests they fi. Apr 19, 2017 marge vs the monorail is a genuine bonafide electrified classic episode of the simpsons.

My best guess is either the towering inferno or some generic building to fit the motif of the train. The simpsons season 4 subtitles english 97 subtitles. As the simpsons turns 30, a superfan picks the best 20. Marge suggests they use it to fix main street, but a smoothtalking stranger named lyle lanley convinces the townspeople into spending the money on a needless monorail. A deepdive into the simpsons by two guys whose lives have been defined by the show. Marge simpson appear in the background mirror or painting and that the paintings. Putting the fun back in dysfunctional the simpsons is an american animated sitcom created by matt groening for the fox broadcasting company. Look, theres no single best episode of the simpsons. In 1998, tv guide listed it in its list of top twelve simpsons episodes. Mr burns is fined three million dollars for illegally dumping toxic waste. Watch and download the simpsons season 20 online for free on watchcartoonsonline at watchcartoonsonline. The series is a satirical parody of a middle class american lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of homer, marge, bart, lisa, and maggie.

While the show amplifies the mob mentality, it offers a reminder of how important it is to think critically about the. Collect your favorite characters help reunite homer with his loved ones marge, lisa, maggie and. Download four finger discount simpsons podcast marge vs. Diehard simpsons fans like to point to seasons 38 or so as the golden years, those that are pretty much untouchable by any other show, and marge vs. The simpsons s04e12 marge vs the monorail part 4 please share, like and subscribe to this channel for new videos. The plot revolves around springfields impulse purchase of a faulty monorail from a conman, and how it subsequently falls to marge to stop the train from destroying the town. When homer accidently causes a meltdown that wipes out springfield, its up to you to clean up his mess we mean, help him rebuild it. The simpsons is a longrunning, awardwinning animated comedy about the simpson family in springfield. The simpsons s04e12 marge vs the monorail part 2 please share, like and subscribe to this channel for new videos. Nov 22, 2016 this episode is definitely simpsons at its most wacky. They talk about phil hartman, the legacy of the episode, and decide if it has what it takes to be number one in best episode ever. Os simpson t25 e04 yolo, os simpsons, the simpsons, webdl. Hot blonde tourist flashing her big booty outdoors tenerife. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies.

The simpsons my work here is done gif this gif has everything. This episode is definitely simpsons at its most wacky. From the writers of the simpsons, comes the city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing springfield. In a world without barts furious chalkboard scribblings. Burns for illegal disposal of nuclear waste, springfield holds a town meeting to choose what to do with the money. Written by conan obrien after he wrote for saturday night live, but before he got his own talk show on nbc, then lost it, then regained it on tbs, the show draws a contrast between most of the easily duped residents of springfield and the more intelligent. Free download wordpress themespremium wordpress themes downloaddownload premium wordpress themes freepremium wordpress themes downloadonline free coursedownload samsung firmwaredownload wordpress themes freefree download udemy paid. Marge vs the monorail is a genuine bonafide electrified classic episode of the simpsons. Springfield decides to spend its new fortune on building a new monorail, cortesy of lyle lanley.

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