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It stars the two stars of the kotr games, revan and the exile. Chronologically, this is one of the first star wars books you should be reading. Revan is the third in a series of novels based on the mmorpg. But of course, if i stay is an effort to capitalize on the same audience as tfios, even if they diverge in their approaches to extracting tears. Which book in the star wars series tells the story of revan. Gayle formans elegiac heartbreaker if i stay finds teenaged mia on the precipice between death and life, after the rest of her family has been killed in the car crash. Which i felt was a bit of a cop out especialy if youve actualy played the old republic and see how badly revan is used in the game. Since the history of the sith was kept hidden from the galaxy, only sith cultists knew the significance of revan s name. Revan is here to tell you about everyones favorite videogame protagonist that isnt kyle katarn. Dont miss the sequel the jedi kind of had it coming complete. Im pretty sure you can also watch the game play on youtube. The core of the star wars saga has always been the struggle between the light side of the force and the dark side. Pans from the mandalorian wars to a final confrontation.

Revan was a tall, medium build and somewhat of an unprepossessing man, with fair skin, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Instead i got half the book setting up a sith lord so he could appear in swtor, with the rest of the book essentially setting up a quest chain while trying to smooth over a few details between kotor 1 and 2 like why t3 wipes the navcomputer. Meanwhile, scourge continues to track down the assassins, but ends up getting caught up in a much larger conspiracy. I should also warn you that revan is a dark and even tragic novel its not all. I mean, there is not many ways to pull off an evil space knight, remenicent of darth vader obviously, wearing a mask and dark hooded robes without going to silly extremes. Bastila is dead, the star forge destroyed, and carth tries to talk it out with revan. Of course, there could be a throwback to revan in kylo ren, but it could also be accidental. Yeah, like the rest, pretend there is no revan book, there is no tor plot, and with all of us you still wait for kotor3 for the epic resolution of revan and exile vs. Its been three years since the devastating shelve where she went. The book revan is amazing with twists and turns throughout. They talk of revan, and vaner wonders if his father would have been. Revan s droid, t3m4 manages to eventually repair the ship and head back towards republic space.

Revan star wars fan film 2015 is a nonprofit fan film based on the book star wars the old republic. Parents need to know that this is a book for teens about a girl who loses her family in a car accident and is now in a coma. But if i stay shows us that accidents dont wait for christmastime. I really want to read the sequel of it adams point of view where she went i wish it told a little more after she woke up though. Knights of the old republic ii the sith lords, as well as providing a backstory for events in the mmorpg star wars. Ill just stay here on the couch and have a little nap. These stories are part of the computer game star wars.

The book then jumps forward three years, right after the events of the sith lords. Revan is a very unique and intriguing character from the legends era, and so i grabbed this book in the hopes that i could experience more of his adventures after playing knights of the old republic. I hate to admit it, but i have not played knights of the old republic, the incredibly popular star wars video game of which the old republic. In this book revan s memory is returning, and he is plagued by what the main character in that game, revan, was the protagonist in a story that left you hanging when it ended. He also appears in related media in the star wars expanded universe the character is a former sith suffering from amnesia, having been brainwashed with a false identity by the jedi to serve their cause. Read revan if you love the character, but go in knowing that kotor is a much. The next thing i knew it had only been a two days and i was finished reading it. For those unaware it is a sequel to the popular knights of the old republic games that apparently sets up the mmorpg old republic. The only down side to the book i would say was the ebrupt ending which does not give us a conclusion to revan s story instead setting it up for the for the new pc game star wars the old republic.

All revan wanted to do was stay alive and try to get with bastila, in that order. The games are awesome but you can read the synopsis and summary online if you prefer. The book follows in the tradition of classics like its a wonderful life, imagining what the lives of your friends and family would be like after your own life ends. The book had a lot of her thoughts and feelings in it.

Story follows if i stay and where she went by gayle forman. Tragically, hes surrounded by hero types that keep trying to drag him along for the ride. The book follows mias stories and the unfolding of her life through a series of flashbacks. This book sheds so much light on the events after the game, and also continues to include characters from the first and second game. Ever since mias decision to stay but not with him adams career has been on a wonderful trajectory. Her mom is a tough as nails, tender as kittens feminist bitch her father used to be in a rock band but is now a teacher. The original knights of the old republic game was released only a couple of months into this writers second year of university and its safe to say that it, along with its sequel a year later, provided dangerous distraction from many of my assignments.

The book is called if i stay, and everyone wants mia to stay, including adam, who explicitly says stay 17. A retelling of the final act of knights of the old republic, covering revan s struggle with her past and identity as her memories return, bastilas fall to the dark side, and carths. Revan is my favorite star wars character so id be down for it. Revan described his own features as unremarkable and average. Picking up several years after the dramatic conclusion of if i stay, where she went continues the story of adam and mia, from adams point of view. Not to give to much away, revan meets up with the character from the xbox game knights of the old republic ii. Maybe its just because i read the abortion that is children of the jedi right before this though. The comic book series knights of the old republic deals with the life of padawan. Decimated by the though bomb, the order lay in ruins as a single master escaped the planet with his new apprentice, and thus, the rule of two was born. That being said, realize that this entire series of books was developed in conjunction with the old republic, the mmo and not kotor.

Sith trooper legions were numerically identified, yet also named after an ancient sith lord. The critically acclaimed, bestselling novel from gayle forman, author of where she went, just one day. The old republic book 1 kindle edition by karpyshyn, drew. You cried when you read the book, you cried double when you saw the movie, and now youre all cried out and in need of a seriously good followup read and a glass of water. Knights of the old republic, which start a short time after revan has his memories erased by the jedi council. Just try to keep it true to the original kotor even though i like tsl, the revan novel, and swtor, kotor is my favorite depiction of revan thus far so i hope they at least would stick to that. The book gets very, incredibly basic issues like the whole forcelife eatigvoid in the force problems wrong, since apparently were supposed to believe the walking wound in the force that. I cannot accept eu ending for the exile and revan star. The revan legion was activated in 35 aby along with the rest of the sith eternals forces during the war. The book is written well, plots and sub plots are easy to pick up and the star wars universe is easily explained and described. If i stay presentation by steele vandenberghe on prezi. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading revan. The book continues the tale of the main character from the incredibly popular knights of the old republic video game of 2003. I went into it not really looking at it as a sequel to kotor though, but just a book about the old republic that has some stuff about revan.

Theres also an open world game that picks up after called the old republic. Knights of the old republic, in which he is the playable protagonist. Perhaps his band should cover the classic lisa loeb hit lisa loeb would be a little too on point, so instead, adam plays a yoyo ma track called andante con moto e poco rubato, which is a movement from a classical piece. For a novel titled revan, nearly every other character is. Later on in the book, the plot thickens with the double game stars and they kick some butt. This is the third book that should have been written and fills in the space between adam leaving shooting star and becoming a solo artist 3 years later. The rise of darth vader if you liked the rise of darth vader, i would suggest going back and reading labyrinth of evil by james luceno and the revenge of the sith novel by matthew stover. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this book. The highly anticipated sequel to the new york times bestselling and critically acclaimed if i stay. In disneys sequel trilogy, which plans to wrap up the entire skywalker saga later this year with the ninth chapter, the rise of skywalker, has focused more on the dichotomy of the light side and the dark side of the force more than ever before. The history of the sith was forever changed after darth banes climactic victory at the end of the first book of his lauded trilogy.

The box a kotororiginal trilogy crossover involving a certain mysterious box. Revan obviously darth plagueis the darth bane trilogy dark lord. Knights of the old republic 1 and 2 are two of my all time favorite games, and a big reason is that the stories are badass. Star wars legends the old republic by drew karpyshyn. If i stay is on my top books i recommend to people. Revan was a sith lord and the namesake of the sith eternal armys 3rd legion. Created by bioware, with yours truly as the lead writer. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support.

Everything you need to know about the old republic. He doesnt want to save the galaxy and hes not looking to help everyone he meets. Revan and ordo then travel to rekkiad to join the search. Great book if you ever wondered and wanted to no what happen to revan after kotor 1 and theexile kotor 2 this book is a must read for you promise. Like the other books in the series, there is some cool alternate uk cover art. The book was popular enough to be adapted in a 2014 movie version starring chloe moretz.

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